How to make your orders

Ordering for the first time on any platform might be intimidating, hopefully this guide will provide you with all that you need to feel comfortable placing your orders. After the first experience, it becomes second nature afterwards.  

Selecting your product(s) 

You can select products from the home page or from the shop page by clicking the item that you wish to purchase. 

Choosing the type of product

Various products may have variations from colour to size, in this example you have the option of choosing different book formats.

Adding to cart

After selecting the format that you’re interested in the next step is to select the quantity of the product that you wish to purchase. Please note that you might be limited to the quantity of the product that is in stock. Afterwards, click on the ‘add to cart’ button. 

Checking out

Each time you add a product to your cart there will be a notification that the product was successfully added to the cart. A drop down will also display all the products currently in your cart and the total. When you are ready to check out you can click on your basket and select the ‘checkout’ button. 

Completing order

So, we’re at the final step of the ordering process. You will be taken to the checkout page where you will be required to simply fill out the fields so that we can gather all the information to deliver the package you want so badly. Please ensure that you insert the correct phone number as you will be contacted via phone if you wish. Please add as much details as you can to identify the location/apartment/townhouse etc. Let us know if we can only contact you via whatsapp etc.