Different ways to pay

In an effort to support a wide range of customers we have put in place a number of payment options to choose from. At the end of the day, it comes down to which method our customers think is most convenient, happy shopping. 


Bank transfer

Customers can make direct bank transfers to one of our various business accounts by selecting ‘bank transfer’ as the payment option when checking out. After checking out an ‘order ID’ is provided, we recommend that our customers insert this value in an email to sales@thecarterstore.com letting us know that they would like to make a payment via bank transfer. We will respond with the banking details for you to make your transfer. After completing the transfer please respond to the same email with the receipt or transfer confirmation number letting us know that the transfer was made. Please note that the product(s) will only be dispatched after the funds have been cleared by the transferrer’s bank. 



After successfully connecting to your Papal account you will be provided with the transaction status letting you know if the payment was successful or not. Once the payment is successful we will be prompted and you will be contacted by a sales representative to confirm the details of your order. 


Cash on delivery

Some customers will always prefer to pay via cash and don’t worry we have your back. Simply select ‘cash on delivery’ when checking out and pay via cash when the package is delivered.